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Once a week from the end of June to September our Forest Wombles (committee members and volunteers) meet to deadhead the flowers at the Forest Church, Le Bourg, top of Petit Bôt and at the Douzaine Room. Some help with watering during the season and others help keep the parish tidy by picking up litter.

The more volunteers we have the better, as it makes the job easier and quicker, so if you have time to spare please come and help. We will show you how to keep the flowers looking beautiful.

As the Floral Guernsey competition draws near in July our volunteers give extra time making sure that the route for the judges is perfect.

Other areas where we need volunteers are events such as our Fun Day, when we need help with various stalls, with refreshments and growing plants for the plant stall.

All it takes is a little of your time to become a volunteer and the benefits can be seen instantly.

Thank you

The deadheaders enjoying coffee after their weekly hour of deadheading the displays.
Douzeniers Geoff Brouard and Larry Trigwell bagging up daffodil bulbs to give out to the public.
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