Projects 2018 - Forest Floral Group

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Projects 2018

Crocus planting
The Forest floral group have planted over 15,000 crocus bulbs annually since 2015 in the Forest parish. These Purple Pinkie crocuses have been donated by the Rotary Club to highlight the eradication of Polio in the world.

They have been planted around the trees at the entrance to the airport, on the roadside bus layby in front of the airport, at Les Caches Farm, the Forest Douzaine Room and in front of the Forest Primary School. We have been helped by Year 5 children and their teacher and the Air Scout Cubs and their leader as well as Forest volunteers.

Details of island wide crocus planting here
Pollinator project                                                                            

Barry Wells and Vanessa Crispini-Adams are the instigators of the Pollinator Project. Towards the end of May, Vanessa is going to make a long bed of pollinating plants in our Forest Wildlife Spot (formerly Rectory Wild Spot) with the help of the Forest Methodist Church Sunday School children.

The Probation and Community Service have been busy recreating the path and CEPS have created a pond.

Details of the Pollinator Project here

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