Projects 2017 - Forest Floral Group

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Projects 2017

Rectory Wild Spot
The area has been coppiced and some trees removed to give more light to the plants, thanks to Vic Froome. Volunteer group ‘Art of Living’ are going to tidy up the branches and logs into heaps for the insects.

Following advice from a person at Societe Guernsiaise, the pond will be dug and the dam repaired so that tadpoles can be added to the pond in the autumn.

Geoff and Larry are building a new bridge over the stream as the existing stepping stones are slippery during wet weather and are dangerous.

The wooden bench has become rotten and will be replaced with a bench donated by the Floral Guernsey Foundation.
Coppicing trees at the Wild Spot
Planting at Les Caches

Les Caches Farm (National Trust) 
The floral group have approached The National Trust of Guernsey to help with planting on a bund at the back of the renovated barns. 

The group have given advice on what should be planted in the area to be in keeping with the history of the building. The group have been working together with Jemma Field, Estate Manager and Co-ordinator.
Plantation (by the Manor Hotel)
The floral group have been given permission by the Environment Department to renovate the ‘wishing well’ at the plantation and tidy up the path to it. 

The group will be approaching Granite Le Pelley Ltd following their excellent renovation of Les Houards well. The area will need clearing as the well is at present inaccessible and for this the group will be seeking help from their volunteers and other groups as well as holding fundraising events.

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