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Projects 2011

Rectory Wild Spot
This was set up in the Forest Church lower rectory garden in 2008 and was blessed by Rev Linda Le Vasseur. The area was prepared by volunteers with chippings laid on the paths, stepping stones over the stream, a robin bird box and wooden seat placed in the garden.  Frog spawn was placed in the small pond and flowering plants and bulbs spread around to give the feel of a wild life garden. The garden is open to the public at all times. There is a litter bin for rubbish and a bench where one can sit in quiet contemplation. Over time the trees have grown and the ivy spread, brambles need to be cut back and the pond needs to be dug and repaired. If you have time to spare or any expertise in gardening your help will be welcomed. Please get in touch.

December 2011: In March Jane Gilmour from La Société Guernesiaise came to give us some advice on how to manage the area. Following her visit the trees were coppiced and a large area of Japanese Euonymus beside the wooden bench was removed. The increased light allowed the thistles, nettles and other weeds to grow smothering the area next to the stream.
Thanks to Helen Litchfield and a team from HSBC, with funding from the Floral Guernsey Legacy Fund, the wildlife spot has now been given a rigorous tidying up. The paths were cleared and redefined and part of the stream cleared. Native bluebells have been planted under the trees and over 200 daffodil bulbs planted in the central area by volunteers. The wooden bench has been cleaned up and varnished and a team of volunteers have spread bark chippings on the circular path.

We plan to get more nesting boxes placed in the area and in the spring get further advice and help from Floral Guernsey.

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